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REACH24H Consulting Group, comprised of over 150 professionals with?a number of certified toxicologists, members of specialized toxicology committees, Shanghai industry experts on technical trade, EU Certified cosmetics safety assessors, members of the China Environmental Mutagenesis Risk Assessment Committee, experts from the Zhejiang Province Technical Trade Quick Response and Service Center. In all, REACH24H has a superior technical team short and considerable technical strength.

Team members graduated from Columbia University, Boston College, University of London, Manchester University, University of Leeds, Nagoya University, Peking University, Zhejiang University, University of Hong Kong, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutions, in different majors including the environment, chemistry, toxicology, food, medicine, pharmacy, information technology, biology and in other scientific fields.

Meet Our Experts

Nathan Chen, General Manager, Chemical Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Mr. Chen is a Zhejiang University of Technology graduate, where he earned his undergraduate degree in Pharmaceutical engineering with honors, later obtaining his Master’s degree in Medical Chemistry with the same level of distinction. After university Mr. Chen chose a career in international trade and business development specifically in the field of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food additives. Excelling in this role, he quickly developed a keen understanding of the importance of regulatory compliance for global enterprise. During the following ten years he amassed a wealth of practical experience and unique insights on the intricacies of regulatory compliance. Mr. Chen’s primary field of expertise is focused on, yet not limited to, chemical regulations, global GHS, cosmetics and pharmaceutical regulations.


Rita Qiu

Rita Qiu, Deputy General Manager & Manager of Industrial Chemical Division

As a Zhejiang University MSc graduate and a chemical regulations senior consultant, Ms. Qiu has many years of experience in the research of technological barriers to trade. She has participated in the EU REACH section of the guidance document and was responsible for the translation of the “Introduction to the Risk Assessment of Chemicals ". She has long kept track and researched chemical classification and labelling systems, developing a thorough understanding of the UN’s GHS, the EU's new classification and labeling regulations(67/548/EEC and 1999/45/EEC) as well as chemical classifications and regulations such as CLP.


Bob White, Manager of Research & Development Dept.

Bob White has Over 8 years’ experiences in China Chemical Management and Risk Assessment. Authoring and translating several guidance series and articles regarding EU REACH regulation implementation, he is the core technical expert to support EU REACH compliance program for various top Chinese chemical industries, including CNPC.

Bob White


Jay Cang, Manager of Agrochem & Material Dept., senior expert in regulations regarding pesticide, biocide, food contact material, chemical and cosmetic areas and so on.

Mr. Cang has over 8 years of regulatory consulting service experience for many top 500 global companies. In the year of 2015, he established the website platform named “Pesticide Regulation Information” in China, aiming to help pesticide companies address market entry issues successfully by providing more detailed and the latest regulation news, industry information and database information etc. during their global pesticide registrations.Jay Cang, General Manager of Agrochem Division, senior expert in regulations regarding pesticide, biocide, food contact material, chemical and cosmetic areas and so on.


Ms. Alison Liu, Deputy?Manager of Industrial Chemical Division,?Senior REACH Regulatory Consultant.

Ms. Liu came with a background in International Trade and has been researching and consulting on various chemical regulations mainly focusing on the combination between trade practices and the European REACH regulation. She has been providing solutions and multinational strategy layouts by maximizing the concept of data sharing whilst at the same time successfully introduces numerous REACH-compliance manufacturers to qualified purchasers. She is an accomplished manager of supply chain and procurement standards, taking advantage of the REACH regulation to promote compliance awareness on supply chain and reducing export risks.



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