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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: CRAC 2017 Global Pesticide Registration Session-to Pave the Way for Sustainable Development Featured

Hangzhou, Zhejiang- On November 1-2, 2017, over 200 global and Chinese government officials, regulatory specialists and enterprise representatives gathered at Marriott Hotel for the 9th Chemical Regulatory Annual Conference (CRAC) in Qianijang, Hangzhou.

As one of the most prestigious information technology summit in the industry, CRAC provides an unparalleled platform for government and enterprises to exchange the latest regulatory information, the most practical compliance experience and explores the future development of the industry.

With the rapid development of pesticide industry, increasingly?stringent regulation has been implemented worldwide. In 2017, CRAC organized the Global Pesticide Registration Session to propel the sustainable growth of pesticide industry. From the vice Chairman of China Crop Protection Industry Association to the vice President of Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry, from the division heads of China Institute for the Control of Agrochemicals, Ministry of Agriculture (ICAMA) to evaluation expert of UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and senior experts from Brazil, Argentina, Myanmar and Thailand delivered the latest regulatory information, interpreted the compliance strategies and exchanged the opinions about the trends of future development.

Highlights of CRAC 2017 included:

Mr. Tiechun Chen, chief of product quality review division of ICAMA concluded 11 major changes brought by China’s new pesticide regulations: streamlined system, defined responsibility, product safety, cancellation of temporary registration, transferable data, decentralized production license, OEM manufacturing, newly required marketing license, crop injury appraisal, product recall and occupational prohibition;

Mr. Chuanjiang Tao, chief of toxicity review division of ICAMA affirmed that pesticide risk assessment report will be mandatorily required for pesticide registration and revealed that ICAMA has accelerated the preparation of supporting guidance documents and models. He also suggested that preliminary risk assessment should be conducted during product R&D phase as registration failures can be predicted at early stage;

Mr. Liguo Xing form Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry analyzed the impacted of the new regulation from R&D perspective. He commented that the new regulation requires more studies and more stringent safety evaluation, which will inevitably increase R&D costs and registration difficulty. He warned that pesticides in EU’s list of candidate for substitution are more likely to be included into China’s periodic registration reevaluation;

The session was successfully hosted by two special guests: Dr Zhonghua Li from China Crop Protection Industry Association and Dr. Leiming Cai from Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry. Other expert speakers contributed to the conference including:

Mr. Chris Dent | Health and Safety Executive(UK)

Interpretation of EU Plant Protection Products (PPP) Regulation

Ms. Ivy Zhang | REACH24H Consulting Group

Introduction of US EPA Pesticide Regulation

Mr. Alexandre Quesada | Bracci & Avila

Introduction to Brazil Pesticide Regulation

Dr. Pedro Guivisdalsky | Bioacting Company

Introduction of the Argentina Pesticide Regulation

Mr. Kan Myint | Myanmar Kaung Hman Group Co.,Ltd

Market Analysis and Introduction to the Pesticide Registration in Myanmar

Ms. Chutima Ratanasatien | Plant Variety Protection Division of Department of Agriculture

Analysis of the Thailand Pesticide Market and Policies in 201

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