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Under the UN GHS framework, Chinese authorities started the relevant introductory works in 2006 and implemented GHS in the whole country by 2008. However, the real kick-off implementation of China GHS has been marked by the adoption of a regulation of landmark significance in hazardous chemicals management, Regulations on the Control over Safety of Hazardous Chemicals (State Council Decree No. 591), published in February 2011 and taken effect on 1 Dec 2011. Since then, the imported as well as domestic products will be required to comply with the requirements of GHS related national standards and update the SDS and Label. Otherwise, fines of up to 50,000-100,000 CNY could be imposed on manufacturers/importers.

Competent Authorities

China GHS is implemented through a complex-regulatory system, concerning over 10 Ministries/Departments with a number of regulation/measures/national standards being covered.

Primary Coordinating Department/Ministry:

? Ministry of Industry and Information Technology ( MIIT )

Primary Implementing Department/Ministry:

? National Registration Centre for Chemicals (NRCC) of SAWS

Other Participating Departments/Ministries:

? State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS)

? Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP)

? State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC)

? National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

? General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ)

· Ministry of Public Security (MPS)

? Ministry of Transport (MOT)

? General Administration of Customs (GAC)

? Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), etc.

Main Obligations of Non-Chinese Companies under China GHS

Obligation National Standard Description
Classification GB 13690-2009

"General Rule for Classification and Hazard Communication of Chemicals" (Mandatory) ,

Came into force: 1 May 2010

Became mandatory: 1 May 2011

GB 30000-2013 series

28 new compulsory national standards (GB 30000.2-2013 ~ GB 30000.29-2013) take effect on 1 Nov 2014 and replace the former 26 standards (GB 20576 ~ GB 20602).

Details of the China GHS classification criteria can be referred to in the national compulsory standards, GB 13690-2009 and 28 GBs on the classification, precautionary labelling and precautionary statements for specific chemical hazards.

Safety Data Sheet Standards GB/T 16483 -2008

"Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Products: Content and Order of Sections" Came into force: February 2009

This standard specifies the layout, content and format of Safety Data Sheet in line with China GHS.

The SDS implementation is realized through the hazardous chemicals registration. For foreign companies, SDS will also be inspected by the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ).


1. A direct translation from other countries’ SDS/ MSDS to SDS under China GHS is not permitted.

2. 24h emergency telephone number is required for the SDSs and labels of hazardous chemicals.

GB/T 17519-2013

"Guidance on the Compilation of Safety Data Sheet for Chemical Products" Came into force: 31 Jan 2014

The standard is the essential supplementary document to implementing GB/T 16483-2008. It specifies key points of the 16 sections in SDS, the format and style, language requirements and units of measurement. A completed model SDS is provided in the annex of the standard, along with some recommended data sources for each section.

Labeling& Packaging Standards GB 15258-2009

"General Rules for Preparation of Label for Chemicals"

Came into force: 1 May 2010 Became compulsory: 1 May 2011

This standard is the core standard for labeling, which specifies the sequence of hazard information. It also contains extra requirements on Label Size, Printing and Usage.

GB 190-2009

"Packaging Symbol for Dangerous Goods"

Came into force: 1 May 2010

This standard specifies the requirements of pictogram, label size, color and usage of the packing symbol for corresponding categories of dangerous goods.

Differences among China GHS, EU CLP and US HCS in Sections Regarding:

? Hazard Classification (including other hazards);

? Product Identification;

? Label Elements;

? Emergency Telephone Number (24/7 available, fixed-line within the territory of China, professional work staffs respond to the call);

? Mixture Identification;

? Control Concentration/Exposure Limits;

? Regulatory Information and Chemical Safety Assessment .

Get to Know China GHS

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3. Classification 6. Administrative legislations relating to China GHS Implementation
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Our Services

1、China GHS Compliance Services

? Classification/Reclassification of Substance and Mixtures according to China GHS Criteria;

? Preparation and Update of China GHS Compliant Safety Data Sheet;

? Preparation and Update of China GHS Compliant Transport Label, Workplace Label and Consumer Product Label;

? Safety Data Sheet Translation;

? Register Hazardous Chemicals to NRCC;

? China GHS Training Course.

2、GHS Compliance Services in Other Countries/States

? Keep your Products in Full Compliance with EU CLP Regulation, e.g. Update Label and SDS, Notify the C&L to European Chemical Agency (ECHA);

? Keep your Products Labels and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Compliance in Worldwide Market, such as USA, Japan, Korean, etc.

Our Strength

? Top China GHS Solution Provider

Based in China, our technical team of toxicological and eco-toxicological experts keep tracking the latest GHS regulation as our key specialty, and provide premium service to clients

? Capacity

REACH24H have already generated more than 7000 China GHS SDS & Label, and more than 5000 EU CLP SDS/eSDS for thousands of companies encompassing both major multinational and fortune 500 companies as well as small-and-medium enterprises worldwide.

? Cooperation

Our technical strength in GHS is also demonstrated through our unremitting effort on in-depth study and comprehensive cooperation with famous GHS IT solutions and emergency telephone number service providers such as NRCC, NCEC, ChemAdvisor, the Wercs, Selerant , Chemtopia, JCDB and so forth.

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