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China New Chemical Substance Notification (China REACH)


In China, new chemical substances are regulated by "Measures on the Environmental Management of New Chemical Substance"(MEP Order No.7), which is enacted by Ministry of Environmental Protection in China (MEP) on 15 Oct 2010.

Under this ‘Measures’, companies manufacturing or importing chemicals which are not listed in the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (IECSC) shall submit notification dossiers of new chemicals to Solid Waste and Chemicals Management Center of MEP (SCC-MEP) for approval. The certificate shall be approved before new chemical substance enters the Chinese market. Otherwise, strict penalties will be imposed for non-compliant companies.?China NCSN has been dubbed as “China REACH” due to its similarity with EU REACH.

Applicable Substance Scope

New chemical substance (not listed in IECSC):

? Raw materials or intermediates of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, food additives, feed additives, etc.;

? Functional ingredients of surfactant, plasticizer, preservative, dispersant, flame retardant, etc.;

? Polymers;

? Substances contained in articles which are intended to be released.

Notification Bodies

? Manufacturers of new chemical substance in China

? Importers of new chemical substance in China

? Foreign companies selling new chemical substance to China

Note: foreign companies and companies in HongKong, Macau and Taiwan shall appoint a Chinese representative agent to complete notification on their behalf;

Get to Know China REACH

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1. What's China NCSN 7. IECSC 8. How to Comply
2. History 7(1) IECSC Search 8(1) Notification Types and Procedures
3. Substances to be Notified 7(2) IECSC 2013 Software 8(2) Data Requirements
4. Stakeholders Involved 7(3) IECSC Supplementation 8(3) Post-Notification Duties
5. Companies Affected 7(4) IECSC Inclusion of New Chemical Substance 8(4) Cost
6. Accredited Testing Institutes 9. China NCSN (China?REACH) FAQ 8(5) Risk Assessment

Compliant Responsibility under China Reach

Under the regulation, notification bodies (manufacturers or importers of new substance in China, or foreign companies selling new substance to China) need to submit new chemical substance notification dossier to Chemical Registration Center (CRC) of MEP for new chemical substances which are not listed on Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (IECSC) before they enter into Chinese Market, otherwise there will be strict penalties imposed for non-compliance.

Since its implementation, MEP Order 7 (China NCSN) has been receiving highlighted attention. As non-Chinese exporters (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan) are not allowed to register directly but rather required to appoint a China-based representative to complete the registration on their behalf, REACH24H provides our clients the integrated service package in dealing with this regulatory barrier.

Our Services

? Comprehensive Regulatory Consulting

? Representative Agent Service

? Formal Inquiry for New Chemical Substance

? New Chemical Substance Notification (Scientific Research Record Notification, Simplified Notification, and Regular Notification)

? Overall Notification Proposal

? Data Assessment/Data Gap Analysis /Exemption Analysis

? Test Monitoring Service · Risk Assessment Report Preparation

? Communication with Competent Authorities/Experts

? Post-notification Obligations (Annual Report, Certificate Renew, etc.)

? Training Service

Our Strength

? Experienced Expert Teams: Over 160 professionals with extensive academic and practical experience in the field of chemistry, toxicology and eco-toxicology.

? Strict Quality Control System: 100% Passing Rate for all Types of Notifications.

? Close Collaboration with Certified Test Facilities

? Good Communication with Competent Authorities

? Strict CBI Protection Mechanism

? Excellent Project Management, Extensive Experience

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